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Diabetic Complications Are Not Inevitable

Doug at Macs2

Doug’s beard and mustache were integral to his visual self-image, having spent almost his entire adult life faithfully maintaining them. With the resolve of Samson he wouldn’t let the convalescent staff take a pair of scissors to the ensemble in the many months that they were charged with his care. He lay there emaciated, looking up at me from sunken eye sockets, as if recently liberated from a WWII concentration camp; his drawn features etched with sadness and desperation, his once proud facial hair caked with the remains of meals past.

His could feel his end nearing and wanted to be anywhere else… Read more »

In Defense of Dr. Bernstein and His Diabetes Solution


Over the years, I have mentioned the book a few times to different people and always got the same reaction. An eye roll and an “Oh, him.” Social conformity led me to take the same stance… until I progressively started a lower carb and eventually ketogenic diet and found my health again. Suddenly I realized I was living according to Dr. Bernstein’s recommendations, but it wasn’t the drag that I remembered it being when I tried to do it the 90s. I’ve since taken a different perspective on Dr. Bernstein. I think that the negative reaction I’ve observed might have its basis in a couple of factors: Read more »

How To Attain Nutritional Ketosis


Attaining nutritional ketosis merely means that you have changed the ratios of the macronutrients you eat so that you need to inject (insulin dependent diabetics) or produce (everyone else) sufficiently little insulin that your body begins converting fat into a moderate amount of ketone body’s for use as fuel. Too much insulin, and your body doesn’t produce a meaningful amount of ketones… Read more »

Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Study in Metabolic Extremes

The Vicious Cycle of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a familiar term to most T1 diabetics. The only populations at practical risk for Diabetic Ketoacidosis are either T1 diabetics or T2 diabetics whose condition has advanced to the point that their pancreas’ ability to produce insulin is greatly impaired. This is the second of a three part… Read more »

Ketone Danger: “Are ketones dangerous to diabetics?”

Diabetes Before Insulin

When people learn that I eat a low carb, high fat diet and measure my ketones frequently, hoping that I have a measurable amount of ketones in my blood, they inevitably ask me, “Aren’t ketones dangerous to diabetics?” or “Can’t ketosis kill you?” It is a common misunderstanding where people confuse ketosis  with Diabetic… Read more »